Every year, we organize a free client forum which is open to the public to discuss security issues as well as networking. Experts in security both from the government and private sectors are invited to be the facilitators of these forums.

We develop a quarterly crime analysis using current crime statistics from the police, our guards and all the disciplined forces. After developing this analysis, the top management schedules some time to walk our clients through it and discuss necessary changes to their security procedures.

Every month we call in experts and organize free client training on terrorism and counter terrorism, cyber crimes, violence and how to manage violence at work place, basic first aid, fire and safety among other corporate training.

Senaca East Africa has extensive experience in banking security in almost every town in Kenya. Through our client focus training, our security officers are trained to deal with customers in a professional and courteous manner. More importantly, our security officers’ core function is the protection of our clients staff, assets and customers at all times.

Senaca East Africa Ltd has been in the business of providing security officers for more than 15 years. We have established our reputation in this business and have always received positive feedback from all our clients.We pride ourselves with Professional, well trained and verified staff. Our Security officers are professional and do not indulge in spontaneous activity. This ensures that your bank and ATMs remains protected at all times. We verify the background of all our security officers to ensure that no suspicious person can endanger the security of your bank.

Senaca East Africa provides hospitality security services to hotels and hospitals
of all sizes, ensuring the protection of guests, employees, and hotel property. Hotel security combines many of the challenges inherent in commercial, residential, and retail environments, requiring a security program that can balance your security needs with that of customer service and reputation management.

As a leading security company, we aim to provide the best hospitality security services to suit all the hospitality security needs. Our professional and well trained security personnel are knowledgeable, experienced and personable. We are also presentable, informed and respectful. Our officers are there to ensure your hospitality function runs smoothly and without danger. This extra attention to detail means that you can focus on running your premises or event effectively, whilst we take care of all your security needs.

Our hotel Security services include

  • Doorman services, lobby concierge, and receptionist services
  • Manned guarding services
  • Luggage and customer screening services
  • Security patrols of premises and surroundings
  • 24/7 surveillance monitoring (CCTV)
  • Emergency security services
  • Executive protection services for high profile guests

We work with our clients to develop a unique security plan that is tailored to their establishment and the needs of their staff and customers.

Our risk management’s experience as Aviation expert stretches back over 15 years .We are the leading security service provider in Kenya with enviable heights in the provision of aviation, man guard, k9/elite dogs and screening services to ensure efficiency in the protection of life and property of our clients.

  • Our services include
  • K9 and Elite dog services
  • Passenger screening and assessment
  • Cargo screening and security
  • Airport security surveys

In addition to having our security personnel manning your site and guarding your property, Senaca East Africa, also provides a dedicated Supervisor who regularly visits your site, ensuring the quality of work is maintained and acting as the communication conduit between you and us.

To cater to your control room needs, we provide experienced, tech savvy CCTV controllers who have exceptional skills in crime prevention, traffic management, key holding services, first aid response and major incident command control, among many other practical skills.

With our controllers, you and your property will be protected from crime and disorders.

From experience, we know that providing the best security is about having the right people for each specific job environment. At Senaca East Africa, we meet the needs of every assignment by using our strategic staffing model. This means that we determine the specific mix of skills and attributes needed for each position, from our pre and post deployment security surveys, which gives you the confidence of knowing you’re getting the best man for the job.

As Senaca East Africa, we offer a variety of manned services, tailor-made to fit your unique environment and budget.
From the basic guarding course offered for security offers, Senaca East Africa goes the extra mile of equipping its security personnel’s with additional programs to have them prepared for any event or situation.

From planning the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our event security officers are there from start to finish making sure events stay safe and secure throughout.

Our officers will ensure all your tally operations adhere to the set best practices in the tally clerical functions while employing advanced security solutions to ensure you operations maintain a zero incident policy.

From planning the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our event security officers are there from start to finish making sure events stay safe and secure throughout.

With our security personnel at your front office, you are assured that your clients will experience an exceptional first impression with an effect that will last for a lifetime, without compromising on your security wants and needs.

With all your covert needs, Senaca East Africa will cater for them, providing you with experienced and well trained officers who will professionally infiltrate and blend in with any environment of need and gather intelligence in a timely manner.

It’s a dangerous world we live in these days. With the eminent threats facing companies, personalities, corporations and families, Senaca East Africa meets this need for the provision of security through its exceptional executive officers.

With our personnel, your security arrangements takes a more proactive and analytical role to keep you, the client, out of harm’s way and utilizes in depth planning, preparation and advanced work to cover all aspects of your trips, identify risks and establish plans to mitigate them. With our approach, we lessen the chances that you, the client, are exposed or that our executive offices will need to physically protect you, even though they can expertly handle the situation should it arise.

Senaca East Africa has experienced and professionally trained security personnel ready to cater to your risk, audit and investigation needs. These security professionals have been drawn from various governmental and non-governmental investigative branches both from Kenya and abroad and apart from providing them with the much needed knowledge and skills, it assures you, the client, that no matter the location or need to collaborate with other investigative arms, we will stop at nothing to ensure your risk, audit and investigation needs are well catered for and met.

To cater to your escort needs you have a choice between three variations that we offer. These are;

  • Covert escort – where we assign a driver, crew commander and two crew members in an unmarked escort vehicle.
  • Armed escort – where we assign a driver, crew commander and two armed police officers in a marked escort vehicle.
  • Unarmed escort – where we assign a driver, crew commander and two crew members in a marked escort vehicle.

We can also provide armed escort and an armored vehicle on special request, and all our officers are willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe, no matter the level of risk involved.


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