captain senaca

who is captain senaca

Captain Senaca is the future of security. Captain Senaca is conceptually an animated local “super hero” character that was created to inspire and encourage patriotism. The idea behind this super guard is based on the premise of the crumbling moral values in our society today that need to be addressed.

The super guard’s role is to highlight these ills and vices and HELP influence positive change. He has an outstanding personality which is to lead the minds and hearts of young people yearning for change, guiding folk back to the unifying principles that build a strong society.

What does captain senaca do?

Captain Senaca inspires the youth by giving them moral tests and explains the lessons within the examples. He also gives moral based stories to the kids, about different situations that would require a person to bring out the best in themselves, or make them question who they are as a person. He would also advise and caution on the importance of taking care of oneself, emphasizing on extreme safety.

Our captain Senaca tackle issues on, community policing, cleaning up of the environment, stealing, the decline of good neighborliness, charitable offerings/ CSR projects, road safety, anti-kidnap, crimes against humanity, terrorism Etc…

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